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Frequently Asked Questions


So, what is civibuy?

civibuy is the fashion jewelry daily deals site, founded in 2018. civibuy offered one product per every day, we offer multiple daily deals .

How fast is civibuy shipping?

Usually 8-16 business days, Because of the cost, we usually choose the cheapest express company,so the shipping time will a little bit slow, but we will send out the parcel in 48 hours .

I missed a deal. Can I still get it?

No. Once a civibuy deal expires or sells out, that's that. Period. We may offer it again at a later date, but we can't promise anything. We don't have a system for backorders, and we don't have waiting/notification lists. Sorry!

I want to talk to a live person there. Can I call you?

Yes, sometimes! The best way to reach the right person to help you is through

What is civibuy's return policy?

You may return most purchases within 30 days of delivery for a full refund. If the item being returned is not damaged or defective, we'll deduct the prepaid cost of return shipping from the refund. Once the item is received by civibuy, the refund will be applied.

Are there exceptions to this return policy?

Yes, keep on reading!


If you are not satisfied with your purchase or size of the item, return it in new and unworn condition in the original packaging for a full refund. Any product(s) that have been resized, damaged, or otherwise altered after delivery will not be accepted for return.civibuy  will process your return and issue a full refund with no deduction for shipping after receiving it.

Combined orders
If you return product(s) that are ineligible for free returns with product(s) that are eligible for free returns, civibuy may deduct the shipping costs for the ineligible products(s) from your refund amount in accordance with our returns policy. In addition, some special product, order, or handling fees may still apply.

How do I return a damaged or defective product?

If the item you purchased is damaged or defective and was purchased within the past 30 days, please go to our to report the issue. You may be required to return your defective item to civibuy before an exchange or refund is issued. In the event the item being returned to civibuy is NOT found to be damaged or defective, you may be assessed a 15% restocking fee and the original shipping charge will not be refunded.

I didn't mean to order that thing I just ordered. How do I cancel my order?

If you want to cancel your order, you may do so in the first 2 hours after placing the order. To cancel, click on your username in the top right of the page. Go to Cart and look for the CANCEL button. Orders with expedited shipping are not eligible for cancelation.

I didn't mean to send that thing to that place! How do I change the shipping address after the fact?

Unfortunately, you can't change the address after an order is placed. We recommend canceling the order entirely, assuming a: it does not contain an item purchased from civibuy, b: you didn't use expedited shipping on any item, and c: you cancel within the first 2 hours after placing the order. Go to cart and look for the CANCEL button. If it hasn't sold out already, then you may reorder the product with the correct address you meant to use in the first place.


How do I create a Woot! account? How do I log in with some other type of account?

Making a civibuy account is easy. Simply click here to make a new account. We need nothing more than a username, a password, and your email address. You can also use your Login with google/twitter/facebokk account if you want. If you use one of THOSE accounts, fear not - we'll never see your password.

How can I change my password, update my email address, set my email preferences?

Your password, email address, email preferences, forum avatar, third-party sign-in connections, forum signature, and more - are all accessible through the your account

page. If you run into trouble with any of these, report the issue at our

What payment options do I have?

You can pay for your orders using Paypal. We do not accept checks, money orders, uncut gemstones, or broken promises.

How can I track my order?

Regardless of shipping method, you will get a tracking email once your order ships. You can check your order status on the support page. Click on the order number to view tracking information for that order.

It seems like items are missing from my shipment. What's going on?

First, check the your order page to see if your order was split into multiple shipments. If not, then it's possible there has been an error with your order. If that's the case, reach out to

Why isn't my state/country/province listed; do you ship internationally?

we currently ship some countrys. 

Why do the product descriptions say such bizarre, unhinged, or unflattering things?

We harbor a burning need to entertain. We crave the laughter of the crowd the way children crave ice cream cake. But keep this in mind about our product descriptions: they're for entertainment purposes and frequently employ literary point of view; the narratives do not express Woot's editorial opinion. Especially if you disagree with it.


Where are you guys located?

Our headquarters are in China Hongkong.

Do you have a privacy policy?

Yes, we do.